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VMV-Bellow seal globe Valve Performance Description
1. Bellow sealed globe valve(bellows+packing),the key part of bellow sealed globe valve is metal bellow,It is the connection between cover stem with automatic roll welding forming a metal barrier between the fluid medium and the atmosphere,make the stem zero leak,it make the valve longer use life.
2.Coated sand casting technology.Sand mixed with binder and other additives,it makes the rough casting with less defects like pore,trachoma and cracks,and better tensile strength,insure the valve zero leak.
3.Our bellow is 100%tested by helium,all the valves will be 100% passed the standard test,insure zero leak.
4.Bellow seal globe valve have double sea,When the bellows is intact, the packing is completely isolated from the medium, and the packing is well protected, which greatly prolongs the service life.
5.The triangular positioning device need to be installed when product size exceeding DN150(we have gotten patent).It can effectively prevent the occurrence of these phenomena,such as make noisy and cause damage to inter parts.The most important things is that it can enhance the effective life of more than 150%
6.With independent research and development of bellows selection software, according to different pressures, caliber and effective fatigue life, reasonable bellows size and wave number can be calculated, which provides strong theoretical support for R&D design.
7.The design of the large flow passage of the valve body, the minimum cross-sectional area of the flow passage is larger than the cross-sectional area of the flow passage opening, so that the flow resistance coefficient of the valve is small and the flow coefficient is large. After the valve is fully opened, the pressure drop of the valve is very small, in terms of energy saving and consumption reduction is outstanding.
8.The large-diameter bellows valve has anti-scour design. When the valve flap is fully open, the valve flap and the sealing jaw close to form a closed space, preventing the flowing medium from directly flushing the bellows, so that the bellows works as if it is working in static pressure, which is greatly extended the use life of the bellows.
9.Conical disc design, which makes the thrust of the valve stem transform into the sealing force of the sealing surface, and has a narrow sealing surface, which makes the closing force smaller and has the function of self-cleaning.
10. The bellows anti-twist technology is used to ensure that the bellows is completely flat when the valve is completely closed, and the bellows is subjected to torsional stress.
11. It adopts special paint and has good performance of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Good pre-treatment and painting process make the paint have strong adhesion.
12. The CNC machine tool with special fixtures is used to process the valve body and other accessories, so that the overall shape accuracy of the valve is very high, which greatly improves the comprehensive performance of the valve.
13. Strict quality control procedures, physical and chemical testing, rough incoming inspection, process inspection, and non-destructive testing and performance testing. Guarantee 100% factory pass rate, guarantee the safety of industrial pipelines.
14. Large-diameter, high-pressure valves use balanced valve flaps to solve the problem of difficulty in closing.