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“ VMV is a valve factory specialized in steam system and thermal oil system, mainly in bellow valve, globe valve, gate valve, check valve, control valve, strainer, steam trap, safety valve, reducing valve etc. Available in DIN standard, ANSI standard, GB standard etc. Material range is carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloy. Regular pressure …“

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“ Dear Partner, we are now back office from holiday and the workshop is also return to regular work. Welcome send inquiry and arrange visit to VMV, we will present you with new equipment, new workshop, new product range etc. VMV is a fast developing company, we specialized in steam system and thermal oil system. Mainly in bellow valve, globe valve, ga…“

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“ Timely service available in HOLIDAY We inform you that VMV will have holiday from 10th to 22th Feb due to the Chinese New Year holiday. Thanks for your understand and support. Look forward for further development in 2018. Best wishes to your business and family. You can contact the sale team during the holiday. Timely service is still available.“

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“ The PCVEXPO is hold in Moscow Russia from Oct24th to Oct26th.This is the most famous and most influential industrial and civilian valves,compressors and power equipment professional exhibition of eastern Europe and Russia. Many famous companies also shows in this exhibition.Newton as a exhibitor,we don’t only shows products,We aslo carry a "pr…“

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“ Valve World Asia Expo has come to an end in Suzhou,China.Both domestic and abroad well-known valve brands have appeared.Active in the industry line of professionals is also attracted to come. Newton people with a warm attitude and professional attainment, to show you the product concept with"zero leakage, more technology, more energy efficient,…“

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“ Dear Partners, Greetings! Thanks for the trust from you and your company over these years, all Newton staffs express the regards. Hope we can continue to deeply cooperation and win-win situation in the following business.In recent years, the government focus strictly on environment. The new environmental supervision of 2017 has fully started. Steel …“

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Longer bellows globe valve-ADVANTAGES

  • Stem :2-part rising stem with outside roll-formed thread; stem coupling with bellows anti-torque device .

  • Bellow : Multiple wall, fully flushed stainless steel bellows, secured against torsion, designed for 10,000 cycles; fully welded

  • 360º free rotation disc that allows the cleaning of impurities that can carry the fluid to make the closure on the different surfaces of the seat, at the same time, it does not transmit the vibrations to the valve stem.

  • Conically shaped plug made of hardened chromium steel 1.4021/AISI 420, or hard-surfaced with stellite 6; body seat hard-surfaced with stainless steel 1.4370/ AISI 307 or stellite 21

  • Metal back seat with stroke limiter in open position and bellows anti-vibration device