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Product Warranty

Within eighteen months of completion inspection or within twelve months of the start of usage , whichever is shortest ,VMV valve will repair or replace products or the faulty components of products free of charge in the event of failure under normal usage attributable to inadequate design or manufacturing on the part of VMV valve.

However, repairs or replacements will be charged in any of the following cases . Also note that if a separate agreement is in effect. That agreement shall take precedence.

(1) When the product has been used in an incorrect manner which deviates from the catalog or instruction manual;
(2) When the product failure is due to careless handing such as jamming with foreign substances or the sticking of excessive water stain;
(3) When the product has been disassembled ,repaired or altered by a third party other than VMV valve;
(4) When the product has been subject to cases beyond the control of VMV valve including natural disaster such as wind or flood damage ,earthquakes and electrical storm ,fire , pollution (special environments ) , salt damage, war or acts of terror;
(5) When a failure is due to any other factor deemed to be the responsibility of VMV valve;


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