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Company Culture

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Whenever and wherever there is a specific fluid that needs to be developed, produced, transported, controlled or closed, customers around the world will choose Newton's expertise, products and services.

VMV promises: Provide customers with the best advice, excellent quality, highest reliability and reliable service.

  • V = V is the core product and service (Valve)
  • M = M means to do my best and go all out (Max)
  • V = is to help customers succeed (Victory)
  • VMV strives for:"Let safety be eternal"!

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The core theme of VMV is closely connected to Valve (Valve),doing our best (Max), helping customers succeed (Victory). Whenever and wherever special fluids need to be transported, controlled or shut down, the global customers rely on our expertise and products. VMV is committed to providing customers with the best advice, superior quality, highest reliability, as well as the reliable service.
Make security eternal. Welcome to VMV.