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  • Newton Fluid Technology Co.,Ltd.Devoted to valve research and development, manufacture, marketing and service. And specialized in steam system and thermal oil system. Newton always follow the spirit of PROFESSIONAL, FAITHFUL, EFFICIENT AND INNOVATIVE.

  • The chairman Mr. Jin Shengjian founds Yongjia Huamei Valve;

  • Huamei approved by the ISO system;

  • The company name changed into Zhejiang Newton Fluid Control Co., Ltd.;

  • Patents of new design of bellow valve;

  • The sale amount reaches 30 million;

  • Newton presents special valve for Chlorine;

  • Newton presents multiple sealing bellow valve;

  • Newton qualified with API-6D certificate;

  • Newton moves to a new factory;

  • Newton qualified with CE 0036;

Longer bellows globe valve-ADVANTAGES

  • Stem :2-part rising stem with outside roll-formed thread; stem coupling with bellows anti-torque device .

  • Bellow : Multiple wall, fully flushed stainless steel bellows, secured against torsion, designed for 10,000 cycles; fully welded

  • 360º free rotation disc that allows the cleaning of impurities that can carry the fluid to make the closure on the different surfaces of the seat, at the same time, it does not transmit the vibrations to the valve stem.

  • Conically shaped plug made of hardened chromium steel 1.4021/AISI 420, or hard-surfaced with stellite 6; body seat hard-surfaced with stainless steel 1.4370/ AISI 307 or stellite 21