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Newton Fluid Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional bellow sealed valves company located in China,which has nearly 22 years of valve manufacturing experience. Newton bellow valve is committed to design, development, manufacturing and sales of high-grade valve, and occupies more than 8000 square meters. It has about 160 staffs, 22 senior professional titles employees and more than 120 workers. We established a special team include a...

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Newton Fluid Technology Co., Ltd.

“NewtonFluid Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 in aperiod of petrochemical, oil & gas industrial booming and now, become oneof the leading bellow seal valve manufacturer in China. We emphasize in the supply of high quality materials mainly to EngineeringFabricators, Contractors, Petrochemical Industries, Power Station, Oilrefineries an…“

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“Newton Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. will participate the VALVE WORLD EXPO ASIA in Shanghai China, our Booth is 543, Date:28-29 August,2019,Welcome to our Booth~ Now let me introduce this EXPO,Valve World Expo is the most professional valve exhibition in the world. Exhibitors and visitors will gather at the Valve World Expo related to valve technology,…“

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