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Newton Fluid Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional bellow sealed valves company located in China,which has nearly 22 years of valve manufacturing experience. Newton bellow valve is committed to design, development, manufacturing and sales of high-grade valve, and occupies more than 8000 square meters. It has about 160 staffs, 22 senior professional titles employees and more than 120 workers. We established a special team include a...

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2019 Asia Valve World Exhibition have been successfully held in Shanghai

“2019 Asia Valve World Exhibition have beensuccessfully held in Shanghai on August27th. Valve World Exhibition has beenheld by KCI every two years since 1998. Pipeline and valve professionals fromthe East and West can obtain the latest application and technical informationfor valve products in various industries, mainly in the chemical,petrochemical,…“

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VMV-Bellow seal globe Valve Performance Description

“1. Bellow sealed globe valve(bellows+packing),the key part of bellow sealed globe valve is metal bellow,It is the connection between cover stem with automatic roll welding forming a metal barrier between the fluid medium and the atmosphere,make the stem zero leak,it make the valve longer use life. 2.Coated sand casting technology.Sand mixed with bin…“

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