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Advantages and structural features of corrugated pipe forged steel pipe bundles
1. Product description
VMV Newton's "corrugated pipe forged steel pipe bundle" has a built-in bellows shut-off valve, which is used for steam distribution and condensate collection systems. Depending on the installation method, BSPM and BCRM can be used for steam distribution or condensate collection.
The main body adopts the overall forging process material A105, which is dense and high in strength. Suitable for heat tracing of chemical pipelines.

2. Product advantages
The traditional steam tracing system is difficult to construct, long construction period, high cost, large area, difficult to maintain and manage, welded universal globe valve distribution station is inflexible, open and close several times and cannot be closed, and there is often leakage. Cause energy waste. VMV Newton has been engaged in the manufacture of bellows valves for nearly 20 years. Based on the technological precipitation of bellows valves, it has developed a new generation of high-end bellows stainless steel tube bundles. The products are safe and reliable, flexible opening and closing, zero leakage, long life, and neatly arranged pipes. Easy to install, construct and maintain.

3, Structural characteristics
The integrated design and sturdy structure shorten the on-site construction time, maximize the saving of installation space and facilitate maintenance. The integral spherical core sealing surface and Stellite alloy hardened valve seat ensure perfect sealing. It adopts stainless steel bellows design, which is easy to open, durable and eliminates leakage at the packing.

4,Installation suggestions
Steam distribution pipe bundle: It is recommended to install the steam inlet at the top and install the trap group at the bottom during installation. The condensed water discharged from the trap group is best recovered. If it is discharged directly to the atmosphere, it is recommended to install a silencer.
Condensate collection pipe bundle: It is recommended that the top be the condensate outlet during installation, and the shut-off valve should be installed at the bottom for sewage discharge.



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