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China (Dongying) International Petrochemical Trade Exhibition was successfully held in Shandong

2019 The 2nd China (Dongying) International Petrochemical Trade Exhibition was successfully held in Shandong. The exhibition is rich in content and has a wide influence. More than 2,000 professional buyers from 32 countries and regions including the United States, Russia, Italy and Malaysia participated in the conference, as well as important domestic merchants such as PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC. For 73%, the professional audience exceeded 20,000. Newton in development is good at catching every fleeting opportunity! Active participation in these influential exhibitions is Newton's opportunity to go to a wider stage and is an excellent platform to establish the Newton brand! Whether it is the Valve World Expo in Suzhou, the Valve World Expo in Düsseldorf, Germany, the International Petroleum Expo in Abu Dhabi, and even the China Machinery Industry (Russia) brand exhibition in Moscow, Newton people are conscientious and use their own Passion and creation to meet every exhibition, with high enthusiasm and professionalism to win the recognition of the guests!
After the conversation with the staff of Newton, the team of Shandong Haike Chemical Group was deeply impressed by Newton product technology and quality of “zero leakage, more technology, more energy saving and safer”. they invited the Newton team to Personnel to the company for technical exchanges and in-depth discussions on cooperation matters! On April 19th, the Newton technical team was invited to communicate with the company's technical team in Shandong Haike Chemical Group. The Newton technical team proposed a professional solution based on the company's actual production conditions. ! The two sides also reached preliminary intentions in cooperation in product, technology and market expansion.
During the three-day Dongying International Petrochemical Trade Exhibition, Newton welcomed a group of exhibitors and talked about the future with friends who are interested in jointly creating a new fluid control business. Many merchants also expressed their intention to cooperate and signed cooperation.