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Metal Capsult Steam Trap Working Principle and Features
Structural Features
Newton capsule trap body and bonnet are made of 304,which can be used in clean environments,such as medical,health,food and other industries.The diaphragm is made of stainless steel,and condensate discharge temperature is subcooled at 15-20℃.
The Capsule trap adopts a line sealing closing system,which has no noise,good air exhausting capacity,full utilizes the sensible heat of condensed water,and has good energy saving effect.
Capsule traps work on the difference in temperature between steam and condensate.When the condensed water in the pipeline stays in the pipeline due to the high temperature,the diaphragm in the diaphragm moves to open the valve seat to discharge the condensed water when the heat is released and the temperature decreases.The capsule trap can be used as a vent valve.
Capsule steam trap selection and installation
Capsule trap clearance is used for drainage,and the normal factory product SKT16 discharges subcooling at 15-20℃.If there is a subcooling requirement,please specify it when ordering.The back pressure rate of the capsule trap can reach 50%(rear pipe pressure/steam pressure),which is not suitable for closed recovery system,but suitable for pipeline and heat tracing system to remove condensate.In general the safety factor is 2-3times.
Special reminder:The amount of condensed water and the differential pressure of the steam-using equipment are important indicators for the selection.The same type of steam trap will increase the displacement with the increase of the differential pressure.Check the displacement curve in detail large.
Working Principle
The working principle of the diaphragm trap depends on the temperature difference between the vapor an the liquid.
The valve body and valve cover are made of 304 material.
The valve disc and valve sent are made of special stainless steel.
The disc hardness is as high as HRC55,which improves the service life of the trap.
Imported bellows ensures precise temperature control.
The closing system adopts high-precision spherical linear sealing structure.
Built-in filter makes the trap work in a clean environment.
The back pressure rate is as high as 50% or more.