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New Products---Ductile Iron Bellow Seal Globe Valve

Dear Partners,
Thanks for your support for VMV all the time.According different country,different market demand,VMV use 2years to develop and manufacture the new product-Ductile Iron Bellow Seal Globe Valve.Now this new product technology is very mature,it is formally on line.
Now let me introduce this new product first.
   Material:Ductile Iron
   Normal Pressure:PN16/PN25
   Normal diameter:DN15-DN200
   Design standard: EN12516
   Face to face dimension: EN558-1
   Flanged ends: EN1092-2
   Test & inspection: EN12266
   Steam System
   Thermal Oil System
   Hot and cold water
1.The Bellow sealed globe check valve is a valve with two function ,which is globe and check valve. Connecting this valve’s stem and disc is designed to open structure . The stem can withstand the movement of the valve disc when it close valve, which can combine the disc sealing and seat sealing surface to achieve the close status. In the meanwhile, the valve can break off the media in pipeline .when opening the valve, stem and disc is disengaged. It plays the role of a check valve to prevent the media back flow.
2.This valve has a dual function ,it can cost savings and higher security.
3.Especially suitable for the installation location restrictions for special occasions.