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Newton Operation Center in Northwest China has been established!
Take a key step towards the goal of "overall system solution service provider"! Newton Trap Workshop is officially launched! Newton Operation Center in Northwest China has been established!
On April 27, steam trap processing center, steam dynamic testing and other intelligent equipment brought in at great cost have been delivered to the newly established steam trap workshop and started commissioning. Four days earlier, on April 23, Newton and Xi'an Tangtai Technology signed a cooperation agreement, and Tangtai Technology was responsible for the newly established Newton Operation Center in Northwest China. The establishment of the new steam trap workshop and Operation Center in Northwest China marks Newton's key step towards the goal of "overall system solution service provider "!

New Equipment in the Steam Trap Workshop
As a benchmark enterprise of bellows valve industry in domestic China, Newton's products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power, military, manufacturing, new energy, new materials and other industries amd in high temperature, high pressure, highly toxic, strong corrosion, ultra-low temperature, energy saving and environmental protection and other fields, it has leading advantages such as well-designed, safe and reliable, zero leakage, etc., and paintings have excellent performance in steam systems. However, Newton's corporate goal is to become an industry leader and a century-old enterprise. It is hoped that the team's joint efforts will make the Newton brand an excellent national brand from the domestic to the world. Thus, the company has increased brand building and built a medium- and long-term development strategy for the brand. The brand's phased goals have been gradually established from "bellows valve expert" to "overall system solution service provider."
At the same time, the company has set two routes for brand development: one is to enrich the product line and enhance the system products production capacity; the other one is to expand the marketing network and enhance the brand marketing ability. The company has made long-term exploration and unremitting efforts for this purpose. The successful construction and production of the steam trap workshop and the establishment of the operation center in Northwest China are the results of the company's phased efforts, which shows that in the process of becoming the iconic brand in bellows valve, Newton have been further upgraded its advantages of technology & research,  brand accumulation, talented team, and intelligent manufacturing, and deep-rooted in specific industries, Newton have realized to be an overall steam system solution provider in design, energy-saving transformation, development and production of series products and brand marketing 

Plan of Lever Float Ball Steam Trap (left) and Inverted Bucket Steam Trap (right)
It is understood that to set up the steam trap workshop, Newton united with domestic authoritative experts in the steam field, and after full domestic and international market research, the future development trend of the steam system, especially the industry pain points, and the problems encountered in the actual operation of the system, will apply various technical parameters to R & D and product. A huge amount of capital and manpower has been invested, and it has received strong support from relevant research institutes. Tangtai Technology, which serves as the operating center in Northwest China, is Newton's partner for many years. It is a rare professional steam system energy-saving service provider in China. It has been committed to providing systematic steam energy-saving services for enterprises over the years. The cooperation and upgrade of the two parties will not only perfectly combine technology, products and services, and form a strong cooperative alliance to speed up the expansion of Northwest market, but also help to achieve Newton's goal of "overall system solution service provider".