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Types and advantages of condensate recovery device
VMV condensate recovery device is a complete recovery system by assembling a pump trap and a collection tank control valve. The device only needs to be connected to power steam, water inlet pipe, and return water pipe to operate.

1. Condensate recovery method
The steam generates condensed water through heat exchange, and the condensed water is separated and discharged through the steam trap. The condensed water contains a lot of heat energy. The condensate is automatically controlled and transported through the condensate recovery pump without cavitation. The closed system needs to reduce the condensate pressure and ensure the back pressure rate of the trap. Flash steam must be treated, or a single heat exchange device flows into the collecting tank by gravity; the closed system recovers all the heat, and the open system recovers 80% of the total heat.

2. Classification of VMV condensate recovery device
According to the displacement, it is divided into: single-pump condensate recovery device SPT20S, double-pump condensate recovery device SPT20D, three-pump condensate recovery device SPT20T, four-pump condensate recovery device SPT20F. According to the system, it is divided into: open system and closed system.

3. Product advantages
VMV condensate recovery device fully combines actual application requirements, adopts advanced technology, and the design structure conforms to the principle of thermodynamics, and the energy-saving effect is higher than that of similar products. It has obvious advantages such as high technical level, long service life, stable product quality and high cost performance. Reminder:The water collection tank (upper water tank) is not pressurized and is only used as an open buffer water collection tank.



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