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An Israel customer told our director Mr Charlie Lin: I have heard about VMV valve, I want to place an order immediately, 10 units of bellows stop valve of each size. It happened in Düsseldorf International Convention and Exhibition Center Newton Valve booth on 28th November.
The German Valve World Expo is the only professional valve exhibition in the world. Valve World has been held every two years since 1998 by KCI . Pipe and valve professionals from the East and West can get the latest application and technical information on valve products in various industries, mainly in the chemical, petrochemical, power generation, oil and gas and process industries.
Newton Valve has been invited to participate in the exhibition for many years, and each exhibition can gain new insights and meet new friends. This year's exhibition, the company also attached great importance to it. Not only prepare funds, samples, booth design, visas, etc., but also sent a team of sales engineer to participate in the exhibition, and strive to achieve the success of the 2018 exhibition. At the exhibition, the Newton exhibition team also welcomed the guests with full spirit and positive attitude. Newton’s efforts were not in vain. When many old customers are exhibiting, they will make a special trip to the Newton booth and talk to each other! Some old customers will bring with new customers.
This Israel customer, who had heard of the VMV brand long before, knows that Newton products have a good reputation in Israel and Europe. He shows great interest after sae Newton's booth and samples. Discuss in the quality, price, production process and other aspects of the Newton team, especially learned that Newton can provide good delivery and good control of costs, not because of market changes. He was very satisfied, and immediately made the decision to place an order, 10 pieces for each size of bellows shut-off valve . Not only that, this customer is also very keen to be the agent of the VMV brand in Israel, and has made detailed communication on the agency matters with the general manager, the two sides initially reached an agency cooperation intention.
In 2018, the German Valve World Expo is the third consecutive time that Newton has appeared on the same stage with many international first-line brands such as CAMERON, BARRY, ARI, SAMSON and AUMA. Over the years, Newton has been working hard on quality and brand, and has won many customers' long-term reputation. Like this Israel customer, many customers are also fully understanding VMV brands and products, based on VMV. The regional agent of the brand expressed a strong interest.