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Warmly celebrate Newton's entry into Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Park

Wenzhou (Jiading) Science and Technology Innovation Park, the crystallization of the "strong and powerful combination" of Wenzhou's private economic and Shanghai Science and Technology Resources Longboard, officially opened on the 16th Dec,2019. As the largest “technological enclave” in Wenzhou at present, the park focuses on strategic emerging industries such as digital economy, intelligent equipment, life and health, new energy connected cars, new materials, etc., and attracts R & D institutions of Wenzhou enterprise to enter and promote innovation and entrepreneurship The results incubated in the park, expanding the cooperation mode of "technology in Shanghai, transformation in Wenzhou, and industry in Wenzhou".

As the first batch of companies settled, Newton attaches great importance to Shanghai's science and technology environment, science and technology, and human resources. It hopes to integrate into the integrated development of Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta, integrate the resources of surrounding research institutes, aggregate outstanding professionals, and improve Newton's The strength of scientific research, the realization of technology incubation in Shanghai, the industry realized in Wenzhou, the two modes of interaction, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. After entering the Science and Technology Park this time, Newton has established a Shanghai R & D center. In the future, it will gradually shift the focus of research and development to Shanghai, with a view to developing from a product manufacturer to an overall system solution service provider and improving from manufacturing a single category of products. To the supply of system products, to the realization of the overall solution, and to become a system brand.
At present, the Newton R & D Center (Shanghai) has officially opened.